[HTTP] Calibre – Musique Concrete (2001)

Author: Roy

Here is one of two albums that I will be posting by Calibre. The details are below, including a review.

"Expectations ran high for Creative Source's 2001 newcomer, Calibre. The drum'n'bass scene was in disarray, and many inside and outside its influence were desperate for some sort of fresh repositioning. As one might expect, this was not meant to be: Musique Concrete, Calibre's debut LP and one of the few records he had released in Britain up to that time, played within the confines of intellectual jungle circa 1997 and stuffed itself with clich?s like flanged beats, exceedingly echoed vocals, and the ubiquitous influence of jazz. When Calibre took in more disparate elements, like the dark soul of "Say If You Love," it suggested new subtleties, but more often than not the album was disappointing and wrenchingly familiar."

Artist: Calibre
Album: Musique Concrete
Year: 2001
Genre: Electronic
Subgenre: Drum & Bass
Allmusic.com rating: 3 stars/5 - more info at:


Discogs.com rating: 4.2/5 (29 votes) - more info at:


File Information: mp3, 224 kbps (VBR)