VA – The Girls Want House Vol.3

Author: exclusivemusicdj

01. Matt Sanchez - Get Higher - Alfred Azzetto Re (Work)
02. Nopopstar - Dance Now! (Original Mix)
03. Josh The Funky 1 - Everynight (Anthony Ross Remix)
04. Chris Montana - Music (Upjeet Remix)
05. Divided Souls - Housemusic Is Life (Feat. Wilkine Brutus) (Cosmic Funk Remix)
06. Brown Sneakers - You Get What You Give (Feat. Majuri) (Peter Brown Remix)
07. Etienne Ozborne - Been a Long Time (Feat. Paula B.)
08. Bongoloverz - Fly Away (Bongoloverz Club Mix)
09. B.M.R - Check It Out (Feat. Felicia) (Boris, Michi's Nu Club Mix)
10. Adrian Villaverde - Ring It (Original Mix)
11. Alfred Azzetto - I've Got the Music in Me (Feat. Manuelle) - DJ Fopp, Ciko DJ Re (Soul Mix)
12. Ciko Dj - We Had Disco (Original Mix)
13. Alfonso Padilla - Batey (Negrito Mix)
14. Ash Paine - House Fever (Original Mix)
15. Ivan Project - Can't Get Enough (DJ Fist, Rio Dela Duna, Lucas Reyes Remix)
16. Marcos Rodriguez - Don't Forget to Be Happy (Feat. Estela Martin)
17. Anthony Wells - I Wanna See You Dance (Feat. Charlenn) (Anthony Wells Remode)
18. Jesse Garcia - Party (Jesse Garcia Big Room Mix)
19. Lucien Foort - Stand Up for Love (Feat. I-Fan) (Carl Tricks Remix)
20. Rio Dela Duna - El Cubano (Martin Villeneuve Remix)
21. Impact - All I Want (Fine Touch Remix)
22. Jon Craig - Here As One (Dirty Secretz Remix)
23. Brown Sneakers - You Get What You Give (Feat. Majuri) (Nicola Fasano, Simon De Jano Remix)
24. Groovenatics - The Music (Original Mix)
25. Oliver Meadow - Important Things (Kut, Swel Remix)